"My mother was born without toes,” my friend said. “As a child I didn’t think anything of it. I thought all mothers were the same. Then one day, I went to the beach with some friends and their families, and I was shocked. All the women had toes. So I thought girls grew into them as they got older, like breasts. Except all the girls had toes, too. That's my coming of age story."

                                     ink dripping
                                     down the canvas
                                     bamboo forest


Everybody needs money. The subway system is in the red. The non-profits are in the yellow. And I'm in the blue. You left me holding the bag of recyclables that you were meant to cash in on your way to work this morning, past the car dealership, the school and the bank where we have a joint account, which will need to be dissolved now, but not until we discuss with our lawyers who gets custody of the unanswered questions and who gets the explanations.

                                            worn out marriage
                                            we blow out the light
                                            of a hundred candles


When you are nine and the daughter of a British father and a Jewish mother from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and you’re afraid of people, and live in your own make-believe world, then moving to Mexico City can seem like a rude interruption to an otherwise idyllic life of denial.

                                                  snow on the tarmac
                                                  tire marks all the way
                                                  to customs



get-well balloon
losing air every day -
the long journey home

                                              drying in the dish rack
                                              her long-haired wig

afternoon break -
a fused-glass artist pours
honey in the tea

                                             late night at the airport
                                             the shoe shine man
                                             polishes his own shoes